Paw Peeps  Therapy Frenchies & Miniature Horses
We are located in Bradenton Florida.

Phone: 941-465-7387

contact:[email protected]
Puppy Deposit
Puppies born May 24th 2019 two boys four girls available for reservation.

Welcome to Cherokee French Bulldogs
Certified Pet Psycologist and Nutritionist
We breed happy, healthy, health tested quality puppies.
If you wish to make an appointment to see a puppy 
we can offer appointments on evenings and  weekends.
Monday to Friday 6.00pm to 8.00pm
Saturday and Sunday 10.00am  to  1.00pm and 6.00pm to 8.00pm

Please download the puppy application and email it to us when you make your appointment.
This does  not bind you to buying one of our special babies.
If you decide to choose one of the babies
We require a $500 deposit to hold the puppy until he/she is ready to go.
Deposits can only be accepted after we have agreed to do so.
We have no puppies avaiilable at this time.
Also visit our facebook page and read our reviews!

Our puppies are all  vaccinated with age appropriate vaccines.
AKC registered
Health check before they leave
Florida Health Certificate.
Parents and Grandparents can be seen also .

About French Bulldogs
A very established breed, originating from England and taken to France by English Lacemakers, this attractive breed were constant companions. They were excellent little ratting dogs, that lace was expensive and vermin were kept down by the dogs. They are extremely smart, and great companions. Wonderful family dogs, but be warned that smushy cutie face is going to make you melt even when they have been at their naughtiest.
Highly trainable, but get them while they're young! They can be extremely stubborn.
One of the important things about this breed is they are NOT good in water, they are like rocks, and because they are top heavy will sink like a stone! If you have a pool, or any body of water near you please, please either fence it off, or keep your Frenchie within sight of you, think of your Frenchie as a two year old human, can get into difficulty at any minute. I suggest buying your Frenchie a doggy life jacket. I have known some Frenchies to swim, but it's not the norm. Please never buy a Frenchie from a pet store, it will be from a puppy  mill, you will have no way of seeing the parents, finding out about the health of your Frenchie, and probably pay a very high price for ultimately a dog with either behavior or health problems or both!
Once last thing......
They snort, they snore and they fart....just sayin'!
One things for sure...they will give you their all!!